Leo Daily Horoscope

Your body asks to you to shouts that a physical activity begins, rests and it is stretched. To be seated at work does not assure rest and to over-work with your body is not a good sport either. Make up your min...

Tomorrow's Leo Horoscope

This week generally can be critical for the relationship, the stars will cause that any small dispute takes a dramatic dye.mantain the calm and the feet in the Earth.ÿDo not try to demand yourself too much nor ...

Wednesday November 20, 2019

Leo Weekly Horoscope

The storm will already have moved away and the understanding With your partner will return to normality. Reconciliation in private. On the other hand singles they will be able to attract the person that they lo...

From November 18 to November 24

Leo Monthly Horoscope

We cannot live without denying what is inside of us, no matter what your sign is: positive or negative emotions. We have to let out what within each stagnates and threatens to break the levees. Each secret is s...

November 2019

Leo 2020 Horoscope

Leo starts a little disoriented in 2020 and will have to take decisions but will feel very unsafe to do so. It will be very important during the first three months of the year, the emotional...

Leo Annual Horoscope

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