Leo Monthly Horoscope

May 2024

This is a period that will be dominated by the problems at work. You will have to face stiff opposition to your ideas and projects from people who, until now, had shown friendship and good wishes. Do not feel discouraged: When we go in life, there is a resistance, for he who stands against forces others arise, to demand more. Keep going with your goals and energy that should do all that you are supposed to: you will, like it or not, a changed agent. This May the moon that stands in your sky, and as it should highlight what you do. It's time for the passion and dedication to your work will deliver results. However, everything that lights up must break into the shadows: it will not be easy to go through that jealousy around you. Partners and colleagues will give you back more than a case, but this should not call you to defeat. On the contrary, will be a demonstration of your progress. Jupiter, the star of learning and revelations, moves opposite to the Sun This transition is shown as a trend that moves you to open your eyes, to discover in what environment you move. There is nothing more valuable to know the likes of the people around us. It's time to separate people who consider us for who we are, not for what they can and cannot achieve. Stop being dragged down by your friends and peers and should therefore be separated from who, for whatever reason, hurts us. Do not be afraid to leave behind the things that you should leave behind. It's time to shine for what you are worth, not for what they let you do.

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