Leo Monthly Horoscope

April 2020

First, this trend must be careful in causing drama and passionate explosions. The third month of the year will test your ability to live in peace and serenity. It is not the severity of the stimulus, but the way we face them. Money, family, love, going to give us problems, but we must not lose your head when, precisely what is required of us is to have it properly mounted on the shoulders. It's time to show his cool. The Moon, which again stands tall in your sky, is not one of the best influences for your character, and usually take you to lose the papers, to be inspired by the time and just what is needed from you in now is the opposite. A series of small difficulties in all areas of your life has been come, but that's not important, but how you face them. Sometimes it is not the strength of the current which casts us, but our experience as masters of our own destiny. So do not miss the course: you need to prove your strength and fortitude in adversity. Just start the month, your ruling star, the Sun, moving in opposite transit to Saturn, and that rationality and gives you the ability to control the threads of your own life. Fail that positive influence. No matter how bad the problems look, fear not: they are far below your resistance. What matters is your temple: that the material they're made of proves you can face what Fate has in store for you, now and always.

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