Leo Monthly Horoscope

July 2019

Love will be the theme of this month, the love will be the center of your actions, and should be the focus of what you decide. Venus demands: you must make clear to which we owe, and what we want. Are you ready to respond? Venus opens in your sky high this month, and it makes you see the world in a different way, away from your usual aggressiveness and ability to command. Suddenly you want to be domesticated, such as the fox in The Little Prince. Want someone to choose you, and give end to this period of solitude in your life and your desires. For your fortune, the Sun, so dear to you, moves toward Saturn, the star of rationality and logic, and the good news is that the combination of the two allows you to keep the pulse and good judgment. Yes, you will meet someone who will rock your world, but the good news is that you will be who has the power to say yes or no. And that love also will inspire you to grow; to be better a romance that will help you grow is coming. It is likely that this romance will occur, actually. In your workplace, and consolidate mid-month: then Jupiter Saturn moves, and this drives us to find pleasure in the duty, love professionally, mixing areas. Do not worry: there will be no problems with this. Both areas will be mixed very well.

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