Leo Monthly Horoscope

August 2020

You should go ahead. It's time to be so warm hearted. Life wants different for you. And it is essential that you complete the contract you have with her. It stipulates that you receive what you dream, because you deserve no less for your effort. Are you willing to go out to take the fruits that the world reserves for you? Mercury demands that you put the focus on productive tasks, that and in work areas and the professional to give what they have to give, and not suffer from financial constraints by an attitude that contrasts with your merits and abilities: do not be the burden to yourself. Mercury opens the month on a transit to Jupiter, and this movement compels us to expand our boundaries, to test us to show what we are capable and of what we are made of. So you do not have to do anything you have not done before. All you need is to do what you do best: try harder, more dedication, more soul. You will not have to wait long to see the results: to the 25th of the month there is a transit of Saturn, the star of knowledge, to the North Node, and that defines the quality of your goals is so vast and has the same dimension as your efforts. The karma rewards you whenever your cross is honest, heartfelt, and allows you to leave yourself, and turn towards others.

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