Leo Monthly Horoscope

November 2023

We cannot live without denying what is inside of us, no matter what your sign is: positive or negative emotions. We have to let out what within each stagnates and threatens to break the levees. Each secret is struggling with a fist out of us to move to anger and violence. We must learn to express what we hold. And that is the work we are called to do this month. The moon seen from your Sky managing your emotions and think it's time to let go, to release your inner suffocating pressure that will not let you be in or be quiet. You are the King of the Signs. You think that you have to show an aura of invincibility that cannot always maintain or be consistent with what you feel inside. You think that showing what you truly feel truly is a sign of weakness and not an exercise in humanity. The Moon controls the internal waters; the shakes you live, emotions that make you feel alive. The female star controls what you cannot afford to contain and deny. You have to let go, it should be expressed, must share the burden of the day. The Moon wants you to learn to trust your inner you and Venus opposite Saturn in transit calls that shoulder that you lean your head on be of that person that loves you.

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