Leo Monthly Horoscope

September 2019

It is a period to undertake, open business, be adventurous, trips or present projects. You'll have the opportunity to test one of your greatest attributes: the ability to be an innovator, a pioneer, someone who creates paths. Do not turn away this time to forge your character. Mars, the planet of negotiation and ability to undertake, will be in your sky for much of the month. And you better put off by the instincts aroused in you the desire to conquer, to win, to generate wealth is the most valuable of those who fill your heart. You should do things, and to do things well. Do not let the mistake fit in your actions: it is just a result of the doubt, and she cannot fit on your mind these days. Be not afraid of choosing the wrong way: there is no wrong way. And you better hurry your desires: the harvest begins to be collected when Venus is installed on the North Node the 19th of this month, when the karma will make good deeds and successes allow us to make what is just and necessary for each to receive. So do not just stand idly by, and gives you that first step on the road to success. Everything you need is within you: the vision, the will, the energy. Saturn, from the 25th, also observed a move to the North Node, and it will give you chance to take all the experiences of this period, and take advantage of them in your favor. Fear not falling into errors or mistakes.

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