Leo Monthly Horoscope

January 2021

This will be a time that you devote to Fire Your ruling element, and when these will be more mobile than ever. And it is along this month will experience various transformations that are going to be awesome. At the end of this cycle, you probably will not recognize many aspects of yourself, but everything in this day is born and comes from your heart, be positive, necessary, seed of the future that will not stop. And in the name of love. And in this month the Moon will determine the quality of your actions and the direction of your desires: love will find in the front row, and will demand the best of you, and your more determined steps. Desire is as follows: we take off claims and do not take off the eye set on the target, that person, that future we want. This fire will give you firm and decisive steps, in which there can be no error, will cause changes in your inner circle, and will be for the better, if not the way and embrace the changes know that love asks you as a necessary evolution is because who want to get the Moon to be more determined demand and firm your image you talk to whites about security in yourself, that exudes energy and vitality. They ask, in short, that the views you must show faith in yourself. Towards the end of the month, due to the intervention of Mercury opposite Mars in transit may be the center of a nasty little intrigue. Do not be victimized by those who do not deserve the greeting, and firmly, but friendly, saves time and denies the rumors about yourself, or will produce you a lot of headaches.

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