Leo Love and Relationship

Leo Love and Relationship The absolute power of Leo in love, make everyone feel like they must at some point in their life experience what it feels to be devoured by an insatiable lion in heat, with its strength, momentum and control over everything that happens in the relationship. It is amazing to feel the power of a Leo in your house, establishing a relationship with strong bonds, or in your bed, having an untamed beast that will surely make you fly into other worlds that you have not known until now.

The Conquest. To conquer a Leo, all you have to do is give him the power, make him believe that they have total control of the relationship, that he is in control and that you do what he says, on the floor and on the bed, having him in the superior position gives Leo satisfaction and excitement enough to make you go crazy with their abilities to love and unrestrained sex.

A lion will always look for much weaker prey and if we speak in zodiac terms, whichever is easy prey for the king of signs, for the brightest star, to the golden house par excellence, where lust is a prerequisite when sitting on the bed and wait for the magic to happen and the fun and disorder to start.

To conquer a Leo, you must put aside your prejudices and quit that while it is strutting to you as a reward, all under the lines of respect, while showing you all the other lions or friends what it has just caught with its sharp claws and what will he soon will have between strong legs living a night of intense passion and possibly, when the desire for sex passes, it will become a perfect match, you should always keep a profile slightly lower than the lion, because otherwise you will not get anywhere with this person.

How they behave. Leo is expected to behave as a wild lion does, with all the power of his strong legs and sharp teeth, ready to catch any unsuspecting prey and bring it trapped by lovely eyes for a ride through the sky, the heavens of passion and lust, when it is time for the lions to have sex, the Lions surrender to their partner completely.

They like to be tended to, and if you want a Leo to make you extremely happy in bed, you must do what you know he likes, serve him for an exclusive moment, he will make his great kindness allow you to enjoy a sexual romantic adventure with a real lover, one that has no problems with biting and burying his claws if that makes you happy and if he knows it will make you scream with pleasure.

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