Leo Weekly Horoscope

From August 19 to August 25

Work: Nonsubject to make radical decisions, trusts your good criterion and acts with the clear head. Some friends can be of strong support and aid, even if it is only moral. Service and justice capacities are rewarded by the Universe, in the form of return, impulse, anger and optimism. In these days, you will feel a tendency to pay attention and to sharpen your focus in study matters. You obtain a balance between the material and spiritual. Beware with his excessive attachment to work, this and its relation with money might bring problems in the field affective. He learns live the present, does not let myself take by vain fantasies.

Love: In love still are the conflicting residues of the months preceding and now they increase and they reach the privacy of the relationship. These native ones will not tolerate the discussions and the different supplemented from your partner. A worthy romanticism of best novels will be appropriated this day to defeat to the routine. It of the plays and enjoy this gift destiny, does not fail to take advantage of it… You have much security in your decisions that will no doubt in indicating your feelings to that correspond, without concerning the results, clear that you will be far better if the consequences are positive… Positive attitude with Capricorn, great communication with Taurus, lack of understanding with Aquarius and love, much love with Sagittarius.

Health: Consider: the smile is an order to the heart, an order healing, imperative, an ultimatum to recover the joy to live and to manage to be happy, every day. As well as it is essential to recover the smile, the habit to laugh on a daily basis and the capacity of the simple joy to you invites to live in happiness state and satisfaction, also is necessary the weeping. You will have to calm not to undergo his consequences of a misfortune or the bad news, knows to stay in your center not to upset its physical being. Good moment to take days of rest.

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