Leo Weekly Horoscope

From August 10 to August 16

Work: Ignore adverse commentaries and try to be besides gossips that do not lead to anything. The discussions in work can pause if it has not been paying attention to them and for of account that nothing has happened, is very bad moment to generate controversies or tension. It lets pass the moment peacefully. An unqualified success and the accomplishment of your dreams will not be an unexpected miracle, but what it is give to yourself some in life, in the natural effort to make specific your dreams. Joy with friends of air signs. You must be kind to the signals of the Universal, is always the unique form in which you will find your destiny, its love and your true desires delayed and forgotten in the time. Those that already has a stable partner will feel attempted to commit some infidelity.

Love: In love they will enjoy much tranquility reason why from Leon one they will not want to leave its home, nor to move away of its family. If manage to concentrate yourself with the feet on the Earth You will be lucky in everything what undertakes. Love that receives would have to be a said inexhaustible source of and not of preoccupation. Singles of this sign will enjoy meetings and celebrations with friends and will achieve relax in these social interactions, to a point of not being interested in the heart matters. Towards end of the week still are the conflicting residues of the months preceding and now they increase and they reach the privacy of the relationship. These native ones will not tolerate the discussions and the different supplemented from your partner.

Health: It sleeps more hours and soon you will renew energies. A stroll outdoors next to its love will clarify the feelings, often congested before the daily routine. It includes in your life a little uncertainty. If it has habits that harm your health consider that the most appraised than it has is his body, thanks to you can work and love. Do not ignore the calls of its health and puts sets to work. A future waits for more total it as today. Today it dawned with a great tendency to the wild, premature decisions and revolutionary… try to balance his day with a little protective silence, take care of yourself of that it to commit great errors.

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