Leo and Sagittarius

The compatibility between Leo and Sagittarius is the highest that we will find and this is specifically due to the differences in character between them. Leo is a very loving family person, although he likes to have acquaintances and friends, he is not as Sagittarius, who needs them constantly. Sagittarius life is not the same without his friends, which will lead in many cases to neglect their relationship. A Leo will find it difficult to find intimacy with Sagittarius and the time he wants to spend with him.

However, Leo is also a very confident and a very independent person, who can make Sagittarius, be more behind him, but it will be more because of distrust than anything else. Therefore, if these signs want to have future achievements, they should speak seriously of all the differences between them. Without understanding each other, there will be very little that they will achieve. However, if they find a common ground, achievements can be in all aspects, because the differences between them mean that each one is special for many different things.

The largest achievements are work-related and friendship in Sagittarius and the Leo family. On the sexual plane, these signs are not going to understand each other very well and will put a lot of effort for their relationships to be pleasurable and to avoid falling into routine. It is quite a complicated relationship, but not an impossible one.

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