Leo and Leo

Leos being partners is something you do not see very often, because there is no great attraction between them. However, when this happens, these are the best relationships that both have ever had, becoming the longest and most complex ones they have ever lived. On the personal side, a relationship between two Leos will be the best, both in friendship and in love. To do this, it will be easier for them to live together, because both are quite crazy and know how to understand the needs of each other.

These signs are loving of family above anything and go over and beyond to make the best of their lives. In terms of friendship, these are signs that you can trust and if there are no bad games in between, relationships are often longer than usual. The greatest achievements that can be expected from a couple of these signs are in the aspect of family and friendship, but there will be very little they can do in the workplace. In addition, these signs are not suitable to take risks, so they benefit in some respects, but do fall behind in others.

On the sexual plane, these signs are not going to have many problems, because sex is not important for them. However, when they have relations, both will feel loved and very comfortable with each other. This is one of the aspects that they tend to think less of.

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