Leo Characteristics

Leo Characteristics Element: Fire.
Ruling planet: the Sun
Metal: gold.
Day of the Week: Sunday.
Perfumes: incense.
Color: gold.
Lucky numbers: 5, 14, 13, 32, 41 and 50.

Leo is the most dominant sign of the zodiac, characteristics of a creative and extrovert person; these are the kings between humans and lions, just like the Lions are the kings in the animal kingdom. The natives of the Leo sign are person with great ambition, with strength, courage, independence and complete certainty in who they are and their capabilities.

These are people who in very rare occasion, will not know what to do in certain situations, they are innate leaders and it is very easy for them to play this role, in fact they seek it, it is naturally given, since they always know where they want to go and put all of their effort into it, all their energy and creativity to achieve their goals; they are not afraid of obstacles and on the other hand, they are able to learn and grow from them.

People born under the sign of Leo are generally good-hearted, are idealistic and intelligent people, who may even become quite stubborn in their beliefs, despite all their actions are fertilized from their faith and absolute sincerity.

Leo at Work, People from the Leo sign can have a huge success in those jobs requiring some level of authority. If these people get to enter the world of politics their sole aim will be to gain positions of greater power.

Many people born under the sign of Leo have become big business leaders; this is because they are excellent managers and as we have said before, ambitious people. If such a case that the person of the sign of Leo enters the world of the art, this one can become a big star in the big screen or small, even on the stage, in the field of music, people from the sign of Leo can play large instruments and even conduct orchestras.

Leo in Love A Leo person really likes sex and therefore, will have many partners throughout their life; they are honest with their partner meanwhile the love is there, Leos like their home, however they are not necessarily the most faithful of all zodiac signs.

Leo gives all in love relationships, showing them his generous side, usually they do not receive as much as they give, in many cases their passion is often so rampant that it becomes more noticeable than their partner’s, which may generate conflict.

Areas for improvement: they are arrogant and bossy, they can also be intolerant and dogmatic; in many occasions, and they have the tendency to interfere when they should not.

Do not make him angry: people of this sign hate vulgarity and the usual everyday life, he or she gets away from selfish people and those having bad thoughts and they do not like, neither routine nor security.

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